Budget Boat buying advice - salt water moreton bay region

Postby mgryder » Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:39 am

Hi Guys,

I've just been thinking of getting back into boating and my eldest daughter knows is going to be confident in the water enough to ski/wakeboard in about 3-6 months time so looking at buying a boat.

The main issue is budget and where we will be using the boat which is salt water around moreton bay, I live on Bribie Island so really only 5 minutes away from the nearest boat ramp.

We are talking ghetto budget here though so looking at around 5-6K. I can remember seeing someone pumping back a decent wake with good space out of a cruisecraft hustler 570 or similar. I think all old school ski boats will not be any good out here and too small as I have 3 little kids and of course the wife. Not going to get anywehere near a bayliner/four winns etc in this price range but I'm okay with that.

Previously I was fully wake focussed and had 80's Ski Nautiques but looking for something that can handle a saltwater environment a bit better and work better as a family/crossover boat. Just looking to have the capability to get out on the water again and explore the local surrounds but have the ability to pull up a wakeboard or tube.

anyway be interested to get some other suggestions of what might work.
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Re: Budget Boat buying advice - salt water moreton bay regio

Postby Mr_Expression » Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:47 pm

The huslter looks like it would suit, we use to use a v 16r haines done the job well but a bit small and needed more power only had 70hp the cruise craft have a good reputation for hull design ect, good luck with your search and neg hard the 3 Ive seen for sale are over 10 but you could get them down depending on condition,
Most of these boat will ski well the older mercs have some corrosion issues but that's more around maintence from the owners,
Good luck
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