better wake attachements

Postby redline » Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:17 pm

With all these attachements for wakesurfing that stick to the side of the boat is there something similar that would make a better wake for wakeboarding , like I know fatsacs are available but what other options are there for a better wake from a ski orientated boat
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Re: better wake attachements

Postby Dickj83 » Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:10 pm

Unfortunately the surf plates etc only change the shape of the wave, they dont actually make the wave any bigger. They do this by disturbing/slowing down the flow of water on their side of the boat which makes the wave crumble on that side, which in turns cleans up the wave on the opposite side.
The plates are held onto the boat via velcro or suction pads, but when the boat is underway, the waterflow over the plate actually helps push it to the hull so it doesnt get ripped off.

To get the plates to make the wake bigger they would need to act as a foil and pull the aft end of the boat into the water which would make it displace more water and thus make the wake bigger, just like a malibu wedge does.
I doubt the suction pads or velcro strips used to attach the surf plates to the side of the boat would be strong enough to take the loads imposed by a hydrofoil when making a noticeable difference to the wake size.
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