Looking for water skiing tricks performances from the 1980s

Postby mbug90 » Tue May 10, 2016 6:17 pm

Hi everybody. :D I am interested in seeing footage of tricks water ski performances from the 1980s. I am also interested in footage from the 1990s as well. However, I find that already-existent video of such stuff is very negligible. Whatever footage I find only shows fragments of said performances and it is not enough to satisfy. I become specific and every search engine I query, even Google, returns nothing.

I am especially interested in seeing footage of tricks runs from the Moomba Masters of 1987. I have already been corresponding with the Victorian Water Ski Association, who are more than happy to promote the magnificent sport of water skiing to anyone in the world. My first email to them was two months ago. Today, they still have not found any footage and they don't appear to be answering my follow up emails.

I have also asked for footage from the 2000 Masters Water Ski Tournament from the USA Water Ski Foundation, but they too have fallen silent after two months of emails. I don't know when, or if, they will reply. So I have come here hoping some users have footage that they would not mind sharing with me.

So can you guys help me? I am ever so grateful for your service. Thank you so very much! :wink:
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