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  • Classified title: 2010 Malibu Wakesetter VLX - Killer Industries - $94 999
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  • Price: $89990
  • Date: Mon Jan 09, 2012 7:43 am
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    We are selling our 2010 Malibu Wakesetter VLX, which is probably one of the most loaded boats in the country.

    It currently has 165 hours on it.

    As far as factory options goes it has:

    - Maliview Dash screen
    - Power Wedge
    - Full MLS ballast, including bow ballast.
    - 350 Monsoon Engine
    - Full Closed loop cooling
    - Sports Dash
    - Pop out kleets
    - Paint over gal trailer

    Aftermarket accessories are:

    - Full Fly-High integrated ballast system with 2 x 1100lb bags in the rear lockers (with reinforced engine divider panels) and a tube sac under the seats on the port side for surfing.
    This system uses jabsco pumps, 1" hose and switches on a panel near the dash.

    - Full Exile Audio sound system with 4 x XM7's on the tower, 6 x SX65C interior speakers, and a Big12 subwoofer.
    There are three amps powering the stereo, a harpoon for the tower, xi800 for the cabin and a xi2500 for the sub.

    - Custom moulded dash to integrate a Clarion CMV1 source unit. The biggest downfall with the malibu stereo is the crappy black box source unit they use and the non standard size hole in the dash they use for the remote. We removed all the factory gear and moulded the dash to fit the clarion unit, which makes using the stereo a million times easier.

    - Clarion transom remote. Nothing better when you are swimming around the back and want to change track or volume.

    - Wetsounds WS420 Equaliser, allows you to tune the stereo to get the perfect sound. Also has a PA system to help talk to riders or other boats.

    - Custom interior LED's. LED rings around the interior speakers, LED's in every cup holder, pretty much everywhere you can put an LED we did.

    - Shadow-Caster under water LED's. Super bright, stainless steel, blue transom LED's

    - 3 x Deka Marine batteries, let you play the system and leave the lights on until the early hours of the morning without ever starting the boat.

    - 2 x Onboard Ctek chargers, one for charging the stereo bank and one for charging the starter battery.

    - Low lying smoke machine and red Laser, the ultimate night time party trick.

    There is easily 20k worth of accessories on this boat, plus the original purchase price of the boat which was $107k, gives a total of $127k.
    Im after $95k which saves the buyer $32K for a boat which has been used for one and a half seasons.
    Now all these mods were done so that they could be removed if we had to, and if the buyer doesnt want any of these things it is easy enough to take them out.

    Im going to be overseas from the 9th-19th jan so contact via email only during those times, otherwise just call my mobile.

    Contact details are:

    Jarryd Lambert 0407101066

    Boat is located in Sydney.

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